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Uses of SourceInfo in com.go.tea.compiler

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 class SourceDetailedInfo

Methods in com.go.tea.compiler that return SourceInfo
 SourceInfo Token.getSourceInfo()
          Returns information regarding where in the source file this token came from.
 SourceInfo SourceInfo.setEndPosition(int endPos)
 SourceInfo SourceInfo.setEndPosition(SourceInfo info)
 SourceInfo ErrorEvent.getSourceInfo()
          This method reports on where in the source code an error was found.

Methods in com.go.tea.compiler with parameters of type SourceInfo
 SourceInfo SourceInfo.setEndPosition(SourceInfo info)

Constructors in com.go.tea.compiler with parameters of type SourceInfo
Token(SourceInfo info, int tokenID)
SourceDetailedInfo(SourceInfo info, int detailPos)

Uses of SourceInfo in com.go.tea.parsetree

Methods in com.go.tea.parsetree that return SourceInfo
 SourceInfo Node.getSourceInfo()

Constructors in com.go.tea.parsetree with parameters of type SourceInfo
Node(SourceInfo info)
Expression(SourceInfo info)
ParenExpression(SourceInfo info, Expression expr)
Statement(SourceInfo info)
BreakStatement(SourceInfo info)
NewArrayExpression(SourceInfo info, ExpressionList list, boolean associative)
Name(SourceInfo info, java.lang.String name)
ReturnStatement(SourceInfo info, Expression expr)
ReturnStatement(SourceInfo info)
          Construct a ReturnStatement that returns void.
BinaryExpression(SourceInfo info, Token operator, Expression left, Expression right)
ArithmeticExpression(SourceInfo info, Token operator, Expression left, Expression right)
Literal(SourceInfo info)
StringLiteral(SourceInfo info, java.lang.String value)
Lookup(SourceInfo info, Expression expr, Token dot, Name lookupName)
BinaryLogicalExpression(SourceInfo info, Token operator, Expression left, Expression right)
TypeName(SourceInfo info, java.lang.String name)
TypeName(SourceInfo info, java.lang.String name, int dimensions)
TypeName(SourceInfo info, Name name)
TypeName(SourceInfo info, Name name, int dimensions)
TypeName(SourceInfo info, Type type)
Template(SourceInfo info, Name name, Variable[] params, boolean subParam, Statement statement)
ExceptionGuardStatement(SourceInfo info, Statement guarded, Statement replacement)
CallExpression(SourceInfo info, Name target, ExpressionList params, Block subParam)
FunctionCallExpression(SourceInfo info, Name target, ExpressionList params, Block subParam)
NegateExpression(SourceInfo info, Expression expr)
RelationalExpression(SourceInfo info, Token operator, Expression left, Expression right)
RelationalExpression(SourceInfo info, Token operator, Expression left, TypeName typeName)
          Used to construct an "isa" RelationalExpression.
NotExpression(SourceInfo info, Expression expr)
StatementList(SourceInfo info, Statement[] statements)
Block(SourceInfo info, Statement[] statements)
Block(SourceInfo info)
TemplateCallExpression(SourceInfo info, Name target, ExpressionList params, Block subParam)
ArrayLookup(SourceInfo info, Expression expr, Token lookupToken, Expression lookupIndex)
AssignmentStatement(SourceInfo info, VariableRef lvalue, Expression rvalue)
VariableRef(SourceInfo info, java.lang.String name)
AndExpression(SourceInfo info, Token token, Expression left, Expression right)
OrExpression(SourceInfo info, Token token, Expression left, Expression right)
ExpressionList(SourceInfo info, Expression[] elements)
Variable(SourceInfo info, java.lang.String name, TypeName typeName)
          Used for variable declarations.
Variable(SourceInfo info, java.lang.String name, Type type)
          Used when creating variables whose type has already been checked.
IfStatement(SourceInfo info, Expression condition, Block thenPart)
IfStatement(SourceInfo info, Expression condition, Block thenPart, Block elsePart)
NullLiteral(SourceInfo info)
NumberLiteral(SourceInfo info, java.lang.Number value)
NumberLiteral(SourceInfo info, int value)
NumberLiteral(SourceInfo info, float value)
NumberLiteral(SourceInfo info, long value)
NumberLiteral(SourceInfo info, double value)
ForeachStatement(SourceInfo info, VariableRef loopVar, Expression range, Expression endRange, boolean reverse, Block body)
BooleanLiteral(SourceInfo info, boolean value)
SubstitutionStatement(SourceInfo info)
ConcatenateExpression(SourceInfo info, Token operator, Expression left, Expression right)

Uses of SourceInfo in com.go.teaservlet.util

Methods in com.go.teaservlet.util that return SourceInfo
 SourceInfo PropertyParser.ErrorEvent.getSourceInfo()
          This method reports on where in the source code an error was found.