Package com.go.tea.compiler

Interface Summary
ErrorListener The listener interface for receiving error events.
StatusListener The listener interface for receiving compilation status events.

Class Summary
BasicOptimizer The BasicOptimizer only performs two optimizations: constant folding and dead code elimination.
Compiler The Tea compiler.
JavaClassGenerator The JavaClassGenerator compiles a template into a single Java class file.
MethodMatcher This class finds methods that best fit a given description.
Parser A Parser creates the parse tree for a template by reading tokens emitted by a Scanner.
Scanner A Scanner breaks up a source file into its basic elements, called Tokens.
Scope A Scope encapsulates a set of declared variables and references to them.
SourceInfo Provides information on where an object (like a token) appeared in the the source file.
Token A Token represents the smallest whole element of a source file.
TreePrinter A class that prints a parse tree.
Type Immutable representation of an expression's type.
TypeChecker A TypeChecker operates on a template's parse tree, created by a Parser, filling in type information while it checks the validity of the whole template.