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Uses of Name in com.go.tea.parsetree

Subclasses of Name in com.go.tea.parsetree
 class TypeName

Methods in com.go.tea.parsetree that return Name
 Name Lookup.getLookupName()
 Name Template.getName()
 Name CallExpression.getTarget()

Methods in com.go.tea.parsetree with parameters of type Name
 java.lang.Object TreeMutator.visit(Name node)
 java.lang.Object TreeWalker.visit(Name node)
 java.lang.Object NodeVisitor.visit(Name node)

Constructors in com.go.tea.parsetree with parameters of type Name
Lookup(SourceInfo info, Expression expr, Token dot, Name lookupName)
TypeName(SourceInfo info, Name name)
TypeName(SourceInfo info, Name name, int dimensions)
Template(SourceInfo info, Name name, Variable[] params, boolean subParam, Statement statement)
CallExpression(SourceInfo info, Name target, ExpressionList params, Block subParam)
FunctionCallExpression(SourceInfo info, Name target, ExpressionList params, Block subParam)
TemplateCallExpression(SourceInfo info, Name target, ExpressionList params, Block subParam)