Class KeyedPropertyDescriptor


public class KeyedPropertyDescriptor
extends java.beans.PropertyDescriptor

A special kind of PropertyDescriptor provided by BeanAnaliyzer. Keyed properties are named "[]" and may accept any type of key. A keyed property is usually signified by the following method signature: public <propertyType> get(<keyType>);. Arrays, Strings and Lists always have keyed properties with a key type of int.

5 , 9/07/00
Brian S O'Neill

Method Summary
 java.lang.Class getKeyedPropertyType()
 java.lang.reflect.Method[] getKeyedReadMethods()
          A null element indicates that an array lookup should be performed.
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Method Detail


public java.lang.reflect.Method[] getKeyedReadMethods()
A null element indicates that an array lookup should be performed.


public java.lang.Class getKeyedPropertyType()