Package com.go.teaservlet.util

Interface Summary

Class Summary
DecodedRequest A convenience HttpServletRequest wrapper that automatically decodes request parameters using the provided character encoding.
FilteredHttpServletRequest Deprecated. Version 2.3 of the Servlet API contains HttpServletRequestWrapper
FilteredHttpServletResponse Deprecated. Version 2.3 of the Servlet API contains HttpServletResponseWrapper
FilteredServletContext A ServletContext wrapper that passes all calls to an internal ServletContext.
ObjectIdentifier Deprecated. Use of ObjectIdentifier does not work correctly when Servlet is striped against multiple processes.
PropertyParser Deprecated. Moved to com.go.trove.util package.
RemoteCompiler RemoteCompiler compiles tea source files by reading them from a remote location specified by a URL.
TemplateServerServlet Used with the RemoteCompiler to allow templates to be loaded over http.