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Uses of Attribute in com.go.trove.classfile

Subclasses of Attribute in com.go.trove.classfile
 class CodeAttr
          This class corresponds to the Code_attribute structure as defined in section 4.7.4 of The Java Virtual Machine Specification.

Methods in com.go.trove.classfile that return Attribute
 Attribute[] FieldInfo.getAttributes()
 Attribute[] ClassFile.getAttributes()
 Attribute[] Attribute.getAttributes()
          Some attributes have sub-attributes.
static Attribute Attribute.readFrom(ConstantPool cp, din, AttributeFactory attrFactory)
 Attribute[] CodeAttr.getAttributes()
 Attribute[] MethodInfo.getAttributes()
 Attribute AttributeFactory.createAttribute(ConstantPool cp, java.lang.String name, int length, din)
          Create an attribute, using the provided name to determine which type.

Methods in com.go.trove.classfile with parameters of type Attribute
 void FieldInfo.addAttribute(Attribute attr)
 void ClassFile.addAttribute(Attribute attr)
          Add an attribute to this class.
 void CodeAttr.addAttribute(Attribute attr)
 void MethodInfo.addAttribute(Attribute attr)