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Packages that use MethodInfo

Uses of MethodInfo in com.go.trove.classfile

Methods in com.go.trove.classfile that return MethodInfo
 MethodInfo[] ClassFile.getMethods()
          Returns all the methods defined in this class, not including constructors and static initializers.
 MethodInfo[] ClassFile.getConstructors()
          Returns all the constructors defined in this class.
 MethodInfo ClassFile.getInitializer()
          Returns the static initializer defined in this class or null if there isn't one.
 MethodInfo ClassFile.addMethod(AccessFlags flags, java.lang.String methodName, TypeDescriptor ret, TypeDescriptor[] params)
          Add a method to this class.
 MethodInfo ClassFile.addMethod(AccessFlags flags, java.lang.String methodName, MethodDescriptor md)
          Add a method to this class.
 MethodInfo ClassFile.addMethod(java.lang.reflect.Method method)
          Add a method to this class.
 MethodInfo ClassFile.addConstructor(AccessFlags flags, TypeDescriptor[] params)
          Add a constructor to this class.
 MethodInfo ClassFile.addInitializer()
          Add a static initializer to this class.

Constructors in com.go.trove.classfile with parameters of type MethodInfo
CodeDisassembler(MethodInfo method)
CodeBuilder(MethodInfo info)
          Construct a CodeBuilder for the CodeAttr of the given MethodInfo.
CodeBuilder(MethodInfo info, boolean saveLineNumberInfo, boolean saveLocalVariableInfo)
          Construct a CodeBuilder for the CodeAttr of the given MethodInfo.