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 interface ByteData
          Deprecated. Moved to package.

Classes in that implement ByteData
 class DefaultCharToByteBuffer
          Deprecated. Moved to package.
 class InternedCharToByteBuffer
          Deprecated. Moved to package.

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Subinterfaces of ByteData in
 interface ByteBuffer
          ByteBuffer extends ByteData such that bytes can be added to it.
 interface CharToByteBuffer
          A ByteBuffer that accepts characters and Strings as well.

Classes in that implement ByteData
 class ArrayByteData
          A ByteData implementation that wraps an array of bytes.
 class DefaultByteBuffer
          A ByteBuffer implementation that keeps byte data in memory.
 class FastCharToByteBuffer
          A CharToByteBuffer implementation that converts ISO-8859-1 encoded characters faster.
 class FileByteBuffer
          A ByteBuffer implementation that can read from an open file or can write to it.
 class FileByteData
          A ByteData implementation that reads the contents of a file.
 class SpilloverByteBuffer
          A ByteBuffer implementation that initially stores its data in a DefaultByteBuffer, but after a certain threshold is reached, spills over into a FileByteBuffer.

Methods in with parameters of type ByteData
 void FileByteBuffer.appendSurrogate(ByteData s)
 void DefaultByteBuffer.appendSurrogate(ByteData s)
 void DefaultCharToByteBuffer.appendSurrogate(ByteData s)
 void InternedCharToByteBuffer.appendSurrogate(ByteData s)
 void SpilloverByteBuffer.appendSurrogate(ByteData s)
 void FastCharToByteBuffer.appendSurrogate(ByteData s)
 void ByteBuffer.appendSurrogate(ByteData s)
          Append ByteData that will not be touched until this ByteBuffer needs to calculate its byte count, or it needs to write out.