Interface Summary
ByteBuffer ByteBuffer extends ByteData such that bytes can be added to it.
ByteData Simple interface for writing a list of bytes to an OutputStream.
CharToByteBuffer A ByteBuffer that accepts characters and Strings as well.

Class Summary
ArrayByteData A ByteData implementation that wraps an array of bytes.
ByteBufferOutputStream An OutputStream that writes into a ByteBuffer.
CharToByteBufferWriter A Writer that writes into a CharToByteBuffer.
DefaultByteBuffer A ByteBuffer implementation that keeps byte data in memory.
DefaultCharToByteBuffer A CharToByteBuffer implementation that wraps a ByteBuffer for storage.
DualOutput DualOutput wraps two OutputStreams so they can be written to simultaneously.
EscapeReader This reader aids in decoding escapes in a character stream.
FastBufferedInputStream FastBufferedInputStream is just a slightly modified version of BufferedInputStream.
FastBufferedOutputStream FastBufferedOutputStream is just a slightly modified version of BufferedOutputStream.
FastCharToByteBuffer A CharToByteBuffer implementation that converts ISO-8859-1 encoded characters faster.
FileByteBuffer A ByteBuffer implementation that can read from an open file or can write to it.
FileByteData A ByteData implementation that reads the contents of a file.
InternedCharToByteBuffer A CharToByteBuffer that keeps track of interned strings (mainly string literals) and statically caches the results of those strings after applying a byte conversion.
LinePositionReader LinePositionReader aids in printing line numbers for error reporting.
PositionReader The PositionReader tracks the postion in the stream of the next character to be read.
PushbackPositionReader The PushbackPositionReader is a kind of pushback reader that tracks the postion in the stream of the next character to be read.
SourceInfo Provides information on where an object (like a token) appeared in the the source file.
SourceReader The SourceReader provides several services for reading source input.
SpilloverByteBuffer A ByteBuffer implementation that initially stores its data in a DefaultByteBuffer, but after a certain threshold is reached, spills over into a FileByteBuffer.
TemporaryFile Provides references to temporary files that are automatically deleted when closed, finalized, or when the system exits.
UnicodeReader This reader handles unicode escapes in a character stream as defined by The Java Language Specification.