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Packages that use LogListener

Uses of LogListener in com.go.trove.log

Classes in com.go.trove.log that implement LogListener
 class Log
          General purpose logging class that operates using a hierarchy of Logs and an event model.
 class LogScribe
          LogScribe is a LogListener that writes log messages to a PrintWriter.
 class LogSerializer
          LogListener serializes LogEvents to an ObjectOutputStream.

Methods in com.go.trove.log that return LogListener
static LogListener Syslog.getSystemLogEventPrinter()
          Returns a simple LogListener that prints debug and info LogEvent messages to System.out and other LogEvent messages to System.err.

Methods in com.go.trove.log with parameters of type LogListener
 void LogEventParsingOutputStream.addLogListener(LogListener listener)
 void LogEventParsingOutputStream.removeLogListener(LogListener listener)
 void Log.addRootLogListener(LogListener listener)
          adds a listener to the root log, the log with a null parent
 void Log.removeRootLogListener(LogListener listener)
 void Log.addLogListener(LogListener listener)
 void Log.removeLogListener(LogListener listener)
 void LogEventParsingWriter.addLogListener(LogListener listener)
 void LogEventParsingWriter.removeLogListener(LogListener listener)