Class InetAddressResolver


public class InetAddressResolver
extends java.lang.Object

Allows network host names to resolve to inet addresses via event notification.

Note: This class makes use of the java.util.Timer class, available only in Java 2, version 1.3.

6 , 01/01/23
Brian S O'Neill

Method Summary
static InetAddressResolver listenFor(java.lang.String host, InetAddressListener listener)
          Resolve the host name into InetAddresses and listen for changes.
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Method Detail


public static InetAddressResolver listenFor(java.lang.String host,
                                            InetAddressListener listener)
Resolve the host name into InetAddresses and listen for changes. The caller must save a reference to the resolver to prevent it from being reclaimed by the garbage collector.
host - host to resolve into InetAddresses
listener - listens for InetAddresses