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 HttpClient HttpClient.setMethod(java.lang.String method)
          Set the HTTP request method, which defaults to "GET".
 HttpClient HttpClient.setURI(java.lang.String uri)
          Set the URI to request, which can include a query string.
 HttpClient HttpClient.setProtocol(java.lang.String protocol)
          Set the HTTP protocol string, which defaults to "HTTP/1.0".
 HttpClient HttpClient.setHeader(java.lang.String name, java.lang.Object value)
          Set a header name-value pair to the request.
 HttpClient HttpClient.addHeader(java.lang.String name, java.lang.Object value)
          Add a header name-value pair to the request in order for multiple values to be specified.
 HttpClient HttpClient.setHeaders(HttpHeaderMap headers)
          Set all the headers for this request, replacing any existing headers.
 HttpClient HttpClient.setPersistent(boolean b)
          Convenience method for setting the "Connection" header to "Keep-Alive" or "Close".
 HttpClient HttpClient.preparePost(int contentLength)
          Convenience method for preparing a post to the server.
 HttpClient HttpClient.setSession(java.lang.Object session)
          Optionally specify a session for getting connections.