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Classes in that implement SocketFactory
 class DistributedSocketFactory
          A SocketFactory implementation for distributing load among several SocketFactories.
 class LazySocketFactory
          A socket implementation that lazily establishs a connection.
 class MultiPooledSocketFactory
          Pooled SocketFactory implementation that connects to multiple hosts that may resolve to multiple InetAddresses.
 class PlainSocketFactory
          Allows client socket connections to be established with a timeout.
 class PooledSocketFactory
          Socket factory implementation that pools connections to one wrapped socket factory.

Methods in that return SocketFactory
protected  SocketFactory MultiPooledSocketFactory.createSocketFactory( address, int port, long timeout)
          Create socket factories for newly resolved addresses.

Methods in with parameters of type SocketFactory
 void DistributedSocketFactory.addSocketFactory(SocketFactory factory)
 void DistributedSocketFactory.removeSocketFactory(SocketFactory factory)

Constructors in with parameters of type SocketFactory
HttpClient(SocketFactory factory)
          Constructs a HttpClient with a read timeout that matches the given factory's connect timeout.
HttpClient(SocketFactory factory, long readTimeout)
PooledSocketFactory(SocketFactory factory)
PooledSocketFactory(SocketFactory factory, long timeout)
LazySocketFactory(SocketFactory factory)