Interface Summary
HttpClient.PostData A factory for supplying data to be written to server in a POST request.
InetAddressListener A listener to be used in conjunction with InetAddressResolver.
SocketFactory Allows client sockets to be created or recycled.

Class Summary
BufferedSocket A convenient class for supporting buffering on socket I/O streams.
CheckedSocket A socket that tracks if any I/O exceptions have occured and ensures that plain I/O exceptions are thrown as SocketExceptions.
DistributedSocketFactory A SocketFactory implementation for distributing load among several SocketFactories.
FilteredSocket A Socket wrapper that passes all calls to an internal Socket.
InetAddressResolver Allows network host names to resolve to inet addresses via event notification.
LazySocketFactory A socket implementation that lazily establishs a connection.
MultiPooledSocketFactory Pooled SocketFactory implementation that connects to multiple hosts that may resolve to multiple InetAddresses.
PlainSocketFactory Allows client socket connections to be established with a timeout.
PooledSocketFactory Socket factory implementation that pools connections to one wrapped socket factory.
SocketConnector Allows client socket connections to be established with a timeout.

Exception Summary
CheckedSocketException A SocketException that prints out additional detail in the message: address and port of the socket.