Package com.go.trove.util

Interface Summary
Config The Config interface encapulates the most commonly used resources when configuring an object.
Depot.Factory Implement this interface in order for Depot to retrieve objects when needed, often in a thread other than the requester's.
Depot.Perishable Values returned from the Factories may implement this interface if they manually handle expiration.
Depot.PerishablesFactory A special kind of Factory that creates objects that are considered invalid after a specific amount of time has elapsed.
MergedClass.InstanceFactory InstanceFactory allows merged class instances to be requested only when first needed.
ThreadPoolListener Interface used to receive events from a ThreadPool.

Class Summary
AbstractMapEntry Abstract Map.Entry implementation that makes it easier to define new Map entries.
BeanComparator A highly customizable, high-performance Comparator, designed specifically for advanced sorting of JavaBeans.
Cache Cache is a SoftHashMap that is guaranteed to have the most recently used entries available.
ClassInjector A special ClassLoader that allows classes to be defined by directly injecting the bytecode.
CompleteIntrospector A JavaBean Introspector that ensures interface properties are properly discovered.
ConfigSupport This class provides a default implementation for the Config interface.
Deflater A zlib deflater interface that matches Deflater, except additional flush operations are supported.
DeflaterOutputStream Just like DeflaterOutputStream, except uses a different Deflater implementation.
DeflaterPool Since Deflaters can be expensive to allocate, re-use them with this pool.
DelegateClassLoader ClassLoader that delegates class loading requests if the parent ClassLoader (and its ancestors) can't fulfill the request.
Depot Depot implements a simple and efficient caching strategy.
FastDateFormat Similar to SimpleDateFormat, but faster and thread-safe.
FlyweightSet A thread-safe Set that manages flyweights: sharable objects that are usually immutable.
IdentityMap An IdentityMap is like WeakHashMap, except it uses a key's identity hashcode and equals methods.
IntHashMap A Map that accepts int or Integer keys only.
MapBackedSet A set implementation that is backed by any map.
MergedClass Merges several classes together, producing a new class that has all of the methods of the combined classes.
MultiKey MultiKey allows arrays and arrays of arrays to be used as hashtable keys.
NullKeyMap A Map supporting null keys that wraps a Map that doesn't support null keys.
Pair Simple object for pairing two objects together for use as a hash or tree key.
PropertyMap A class that is similar to java.util.Properties but preserves original property order and supports a special PropertyMap.subMap(java.lang.String) view operation.
PropertyParser Parses a properties file similar to how java.util.Properties does, except: Values have trailing whitespace trimmed.
SoftHashMap A Map that softly references its values and can be used as a simple cache.
SortedArrayList An extension of ArrayList that insures that all of the items added are sorted.
ThreadPool A ThreadPool contains a collection of re-usable threads.
ThreadPoolEvent An event that contains information from a ThreadPool.
UsageMap A Map that orders its keys based on how recently they have been used.
UsageSet A Set that orders its elements based on how recently they have been used.
Utils Some generic utilities.
WrappedCache A Map that implements a write-through cache to another map.

Exception Summary
FilterException Applies the filter pattern to Exceptions.
NoThreadException This exception is thrown by a ThreadPool when no thread is available.