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Kettle is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for editing Tea templates. Kettle runs on platforms supporting Java 1.3. (Java 1.3.0 or higher is recommended.)

Although editing of Tea templates can be done in any text editor, Kettle is the easiest editor to develop Tea templates in because it is integrated with the Tea language and supports TeaServlet integration.

Kettle provides Tea template authors the following features:

  • Grouping of multiple Tea templates into projects
  • Viewing Tea templates as source text and as HTML
  • Compiling Tea templates within the IDE
  • Reporting compilation errors in a useful manner
  • Syntax highlighting of Tea templates

Kettle 4.0 adds the following features over 3.1.x:
  • Operates on Java 1.3-compliant platforms
  • Additional find/replace functionality
  • Additional customizable preferences
  • Enhanced syntax highlighting
  • Improved function browser
  • Improved menus

The easiest way to get started with Kettle is to read the User Manual.