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Tea is a simple yet powerful template language. Tea is most commonly used for creating dynamic web pages in the TeaServlet.

Tea is a strongly typed, compiled programming language, designed to work within a Java-based hosting environment. Tea is designed to enforce a separation between data acquistion and presentation, without sacrificing basic programming constructs.

The key features of Tea include:

  • Simplicity. The language is easy enough for someone without a programming background to use and understand.
  • Separates data acquisition from data presentation. All of the data used by a template written with Tea is accessible from information passed to the template at execution time.
  • Protects critical data from executing templates. An executing template written with Tea is not able to directly access data from sources such as a database, so there is no need to worry that template writers will be able to accidentally damage mission critical data.
  • Protects the system in which a template runs from the executing templates. Malformed templates are not able to affect the system in which they run.

The easiest way to get started with Tea is to read the User Manual and the Template Language document.

You can read more about Tea in Jason Hunter's Java Servlet Programming book.