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Trove is a library of useful classes that is used by Tea and the TeaServlet. Trove includes the Class File API, the Logging API and a set of utility classes.

The Class File API simplifies creation of Java class files. Instead of having to write byte-code, the Class File API allows you to call high-level methods which generate the byte-code for you.

The Logging API is a powerful logging framework. This framework allows you to listen for logging events and route them to the appropriate log file or database.

Trove also includes a set of Utility Classes. The Thread Pool class is useful for managing a collection of reusable threads. The Cache class is a generic caching utility that keeps the most recently used items in memory. The Property Map class allows for simple but powerful properties files.

Trove Feature Description Javadoc Link
Class File APICreates Java class files. com.go.trove.classfile
Logging APICreate and manage log files/database. com.go.trove.log
.net PackageHTTP handling and socket management. com.go.trove.net
.util PackageThreadpool, caching, property map, and other utilities.   com.go.trove.util
HttpClient ClassReplaces java.net.URLconnection. com.go.trove.net.HttpClient